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On-demand webcast - Broadcom's Industrial Time-of-Flight Sensor Solutions

The Broadcom® AFBR-S50 TOF-sensor family

Introducing the Broadcom® AFBR-S50 TOF-sensor family (Credit: Broadcom)

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Tue, Jun 4, 2024 3:00 PM BST

The AFBR-S50 optical sensor modules are multi-pixel distance and motion measurement devices based on the indirect Time-of-Flight (iTOF) principle. In this webinar we will present the Broadcom® AFBR-S50 TOF-sensor family, how it works, and how it helps you to solve your sensing problems.

Following an introduction to the working principle, we will present the technology, which has been specifically developed for industrial applications which need high speeds, excellent accuracy, small size and reliable distance readings. You will learn how Broadcom’s sophisticated ambient light suppression techniques enable the use of our sensors in outside environments (including in full sunlight) and you will see that the sensor produces reliable measurements against white, black, and coloured target surfaces as well as metallic and retro-reflective surfaces. To conclude, we will show some typical applications and use-cases and how the AFBR-S50 sensors can be applied to solving specific and real-world problems.

Who should attend?

This webcast is perfect for R&D professionals, engineers, developers and researchers across industries such as automotive, drones, robotics, functional safety, human machine interfaces and factory automation.


Stefan Brunner
Business Development Manager TOF Sensors and Silicon Photomultipliers, Broadcom Inc.

Stefan graduated in radiation physics; applications with 10+ years of experience in, application support and business development acquired at CERN, TU Delft, Philips Digital Photon Counting and Broadcom. After joining Broadcom in 2017 as application engineer for Silicon photon multipliers he is now Business Development Manager responsible for TOF Sensors and Silicon Photomultipliers.

Volker Goetzfried
Application Engineer, Broadcom Inc.

Volker graduated as Master of Engineering in the fields of electrical and microsystems engineering at the East-Bavarian technical University or Regensburg. He joined Avago Technologies in 2012 and was working on optical transceiver developments and customer support. After the acquisition of Broadcom Inc. in 2016 he joined the optical sensor team working on the time-of-flight technology with a focus on customer designs and industrial applications.

John Murphy
Business Development Manager, Broadcom Inc.

John joined Broadcom’s Industrial Fiber Product Division (IFPD) in 2022 with a strong background in Physics, Photonics and Business Development. Having completed a BSc in Applied Physics (1999), John completed his Ph.D (UV-Vis Spectroscopy) in 2004 at the Cork Institute of Technology (Cork, Ireland) and a post-doctoral spectroscopy position in Valencia, Spain. He joined Sensl Technologies in 2006 and was part of the team that was acquired by onsemi in 2018 and worked closely with the TOF and lidar customers, before joining the Broadcom team in 2022. John now runs a global distribution network for IFPD with responsibility for TOF, SiPM, Spectrometers and Pyroelectric sensors.

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