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Full spectrum laser safety - laser safety is serious business

Laser safety warning sign

This White Paper will provide a narrative checklist of considerations when setting up a laser laboratory. Both new and experienced laser users will find these comments instructive.

Kentek believes in an environment built with rational and deliberate economic choices that mitigate identified and understood potentials for hazards. This White Paper can help to provide the most intelligent approach for the ultimate success and outcome of any laser program.

These notes will take you one step closer to being LASERSMARTâ„¢, a state in which the laser environment is constructed to best balance the requirements of the end-users with the demands of a laser safety program.

Kentek's methodology will enable a fresh and methodical review of laser safety in a laboratory.

It will also guide you away from the most common pitfalls Kentek has found during its many years of specifying and installing laser safety equipment.


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