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How the LumiTop system enables rapid testing of microLEDs

Instrument Systems White Paper

Instrument Systems has produced a White Paper, which details experimental data demonstrating the ultrafast speed of microLED quality tests using its LumiTop system. 

Latest-generation  μLED display technology offers high-contrast, fast response times, wide colour gamut, low power consumption and a long lifetime. However, the technology can present a challenge, not only for the mass transfer of μLEDs from wafers to displays, but also for the massive parallelisation of optical quality control in different manufacturing steps. 

For example, speed is a fundamental requirement for μLED wafer testing, since millions of μLEDs must be tested. Using traditional testing methods with integrating spheres, testing times may no longer be economical. A very fast alternative test option is parallel testing using 2D imaging light measurement devices, especially when spectral accuracy is maintained by referencing to a traceable spectroradiometer.

In this White Paper paper, Instrument systems reveals experimental data demonstrating the ultra-fast speed of μLED quality tests using the LumiTop system: a 2D imaging light measurement device combined with a highly accurate reference spectroradiometer of the CAS series. 

Two test cases were examined, photoluminescence of a μLED wafer and electroluminescence of a complete μOLED microdisplay. The analysis algorithms of the LumiTop system provide spectral and spatial data for each individual emitter. The measured analysis speed is about 10-20μs per μLED, bringing the testing speed of an entire wafer with millions of μLEDs down to a few minutes or even seconds.

If you’re an OEM or manufacturer of consumer devices, particularly when it comes to displays, you should download this White Paper to discover how you could increase your production speed and efficiency.

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