White Papers

09 December 2020

High progress in optoelectronics technology, especially designed for infrared wavelength region (IR), is observed. The use of various spectroscopic methods allows to obtain detailed information on the chemical analysis of the leaking gas.

03 December 2020

In this application note, Edinburgh Instruments utilises a Transient Absorption Spectrometer featuring dual detector options for direct kinetic and spectral measurements to Study a Molecular Triad’s Photoinduced Electron Transfer Reactions.

05 November 2020

This paper explains how to use the MID-IR linear detector array in the sorting area. High performance optical sorting systems are the main application of multielement detectors. Optical sorting can be used in the mining, food, chemical and pharmacological industries.

30 October 2020

Advances in laser technology have paved the way for the development of powerful, ultrafast lasers with pulse lengths as short as 10fs or less. Building such systems has come with many challenges for the precision optics community. Ultrafast systems therefore require low group delay dispersion (GDD) components to access and maintain femtosecond pulse durations.

09 October 2020

Due to climate change, population growth and many other factors, farms will need to adapt to ever-worsening conditions. Spectroscopy plays a key role in developing the future of these farms.