White Papers

02 November 2021

Wavelength Electronics’ LFI3751 temperature controller provided the precision to support a new biosensor developed in Spain and based on the oxygen-dependent degradation domain of HIF-1α. The biosensor provides critical information about the size and location of in vivo tumors, as well as their micro-environment. The LFI maintained the narrow linewidth and stable wavelength necessary for fluorescence spectroscopy with integration times of 0.5 seconds and measurement increments of 1nm.

01 November 2021

In this white paper we present a new technique that makes use of a single laser to excite multiple fluorophores in the same spectral range (red/far-red) coupled to a spectral demixing strategy that allows diffraction limits to be overcome thereby permitting 3D multi-color nanoscopy with increased

19 October 2021

Pro-Lite’s Robert Yeo reviews the science of integrating spheres and explains how they are used in reflectance spectroscopy.

29 September 2021

Long wave infrared (LWIR) spectroscopy is of great interest to spectral geologists.

29 September 2021

An ultraviolet (UV) hyperspectral camera was used to capture spectroscopic images, showing UV reflectance signatures that are not detectible with human vision.