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AURA Light Engine: Bright, Stable, Solid-State OEM Illumination


Based in Beaverton, Oregon, Lumencor have developed a series of high-quality light engines for OEMs. Their products offer solutions for life sciences, a host of test and measurement equipment needs and industrial applications. The AURA light engine is one such device, offering stable results:

"Lumencor’s AURA Light Engine is a recognized industry leader in solid-state illumination for OEMs. Brightness, stability, and reproducibility are delivered in a compact, turnkey box. Proprietary, solid-state light sources and advanced electronics make this fluorescence excitation subsystem an ideal platform for instrument manufacturers, enabling precise quantitation and high-resolution imaging. Customization is available upon request. Why settle for archaic bulbs and weak LEDs when optimal performance and value are easily within reach?"

For more information, click here to discover the capabilities AURA offers.


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