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ZIVA Light Engine for Yokogawa CSU

ZIVA 4 Yokogawa Featured Productline

Lumencor - ZIVA Light Engine for Yokogawa CSU

Based in Beaverton, Oregon, Lumencor have developed a series of high-quality light engines for researchers, clinicians and manufacturers alike. Their products offer solutions for life sciences, a host of test and measurement equipment needs and industrial applications. The company provides their ZIVA light engine for Yokogawa's CSU:

Yokogawa’s CSU is extensively used for 3-D confocal imaging of live cells, tissues, and microorganisms. Lumencor’s ZIVA Light Engine offers 7 lasers in support of the CSU at a price well below that of the scanner. A precision-engineered coupler yields intense, uniform light at the sample plane from the compact, bench-top illuminator.

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