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ZIVA Light Engine: 7 Turnkey Lasers for Super-Resolution Imaging and More

The ZIVA Light Engine from Lumencor

The ZIVA Light Engine from Lumencor

Based in Beaverton, Oregon, Lumencor have developed a series of high-quality light engines for researchers, clinicians and manufacturers alike. Their products offer solutions for life sciences, a host of test and measurement equipment needs and industrial applications.

Lumencor’s ZIVA Light Engine delivers bright, stable, robust illumination from seven lasers and high-end electronics. Narrow bore fibers deliver ultra-high radiance from a compact, pre-aligned, benchtop device. Sophisticated control and monitoring electronics support the demanding lighting requirements of structured illumination (SIM), stochastic optical reconstruction (STORM) and super-resolution microscopy. The Yokogawa CSU is also, now well supported. OEM customization available upon request.

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