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Laser Components launches Flexpoint Radial Laser Module

Laser Components has launched Flexpoint, a radial laser module for creating 3D models of pipes. 

The laser has no rotating parts but is still able to generate a 360° line, this combined with a small module package of 11.5 diameter means it is perfectly designed for its application. 

It is able to create the 360° line by deploying a cone-shaped mirror which reflects the light evenly in all directions.   The circular red line can be used to be to detect irregularities of up to 50µm that may exist on the surface of the pipe. 

This laser module will be invaluable when verifying key pipelines that need to operate under high pressures and fit for purpose.

The radial laser module is available in 660nm and delivers an output power of 50mW.  With its small and robust size combined with its uniform power distribution, it is a great choice when high pressure pipeline analysis is required.    

Further information can be found here.


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