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Lumotive-Hokuyo deal spawns lidar sensor for industrial automation

Using Lumotive's solid-state beam steering chip, Hokuyo will produce a 3D lidar sensor for industrial applications. (Image: Lumotive)

Using Lumotive's solid-state beam steering chip, Hokuyo will produce a 3D lidar sensor for industrial applications. (Image: Lumotive)

As part of a newly unveiled partnership, Lumotive and Hokuyo Automatic have announced the production of a 3D lidar sensor for industrial applications. 

The sensor, which Hokuyo will produce using Lumotive's Light Control Metasurface (LCM) solid-state beam steering chips, will be designed for advanced robotics, autonomous systems, and more.

According to Lumotive, its lidar sensors feature a large field of view and extended range in a compact form, which means they can be integrated into diverse machinery, from robotics to conveyor systems. 

The firm adds that its sensors work well outdoors, such as in expansive industrial sites or warehouses with challenging lighting conditions, and that the software-defined scan modes enable customisation to specific tasks, such as precise object tracking on production lines or efficient navigation for AMRs.

Additionally, the system's ability to minimise interference and multipath effects results in better point cloud quality, which the Lumotive says is crucial for accurate sensing in complex industrial environments. 

“Securing a design win of this stature is a notable accomplishment, and we are eager to move forward with Hokuyo Automatic in incorporating our LCM technology into our first industrial automation application," said Dr Sam Heidari, CEO of Lumotive. "Hokuyo Automatic's expertise in industrial automation and sensor technology makes them an ideal partner to accelerate the adoption of our ground-breaking LCM semiconductor technology. This production supply agreement marks an important milestone for Lumotive, as we bring advanced 3D sensing solutions to the robotics and autonomous systems markets."

Hokuyo’s President, Hitoshi Ozaki, added: “We are impressed with Lumotive’s LCM optical semiconductor technology and believe that it will be a game-changer for the industrial automation market. Lumotive’s product delivers a new level of miniaturisation, performance and reliability, which will enable us to expand our business with innovative 3D sensing solutions that could not be realised with conventional lidar scanning technology."

The multi-year production contract will also see Hokuyo use Lumotive's top-tier manufacturing partners and engineering expertise to bring its advanced sensing products to market faster.

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