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Thorlabs has released a new OEM-grade TEC driver for stable temperature control, the MTD1020T. This completely integrated digital temperature controller module can provide output currents up to ±2A and support a maximum TEC compliance voltage of 10V.

Incorporating a true bipolar 20W power stage and digital PID temperature control loop, this controller enables high efficiency and fast, reliable temperature control. A digital UART/RS232-compatible programming interface allows quick and seamless access to the internal control settings.

The MTD1020T supports the widely used industry-standard 10kΩ NTC thermistors, and along with the internal analogue filter and amplification circuit, high precision temperature stabilisation down to 10mK can be achieved over eight hours.

Measuring just 21.0mm x 27.0mm x 10.3mm (16.0mm with the pins), the low-profile 16-pin MTD1020T controller is housed in a through-hole technology (THT) package with a topside-integrated heat sink for excellent thermal performance. The device operates in ambient temperatures ranging from -20ᵒC to 60ᵒC.


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