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Picosecond microchip laser

Thorlabs has released a passively Q-switched laser producing 500ps pulses centered at 1,030nm. The microjoule-level pulse energies produced at kHz-repetition rates will allow for multiple applications including material processing, harmonic generation, lidar, photoacoustic imaging, and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy. A fibre-coupled pump source within the head produces exceptional beam quality for efficient micromachining applications. 

With a compact footprint measuring 3.00 x 5.37 inch (76.2mm x 136.3mm) and taps for 30mm cage system compatibility, this laser can be integrated into an existing system and paired with any number of Thorlabs’ cage-mounted components, including optics, motorised shutters, and galvo scanners. This turn-key solution includes custom temperature control and laser drive electronics incorporated in a separate control unit for optimised stability and performance. For pulse monitoring an SMA trigger out is provided on the laser head for clocking simultaneous events with pulse production.




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