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New Baumer sensors detect distances within a 10mm range with up to 3μm resolution

Baumer have introduced a new range of compact inductive sensors designed to detect objects and distance within a 10mm range with up to 3μm resolution. 

The IF200 Dual Channel sensors offer the key benefits of delivering the largest sensing range combined with excellent precision resulting in outstanding inductive sensor performance across a wide range of automated manufacturing applications.

Though miniature in size (W 20mm x L 42mm x H 15mm) these sensors provide ultra-precise linearised measured values within a 10mm range with up to 3μm resolution, via either IO-Link or as analogue voltage signals. There is also a retrofit option available with exactly the same pinout which ensures easy connectivity when replacing Baumer’s existing conductive measuring IWFK sensors.

In addition to their range capability and precise performance a robust plastic housing means the sensors can withstand increased ambient temperatures in more challenging applications up to 75ºC. Also, as a result of the proven Baumer sensor technology they provide exceptionally low temperature drift of just 2% across the entire sensing range.

Depending on the model selected, ultra-precise linearised measured values with 3μm resolution are provided either via IO-Link or as analogue voltage signals. The fully digital variant is the most compact and cost-effective option as it removes the need for shielded cables and high-resolution A/D converter cards.

Both IO-Link variants are dual-channel capable and in addition to the IO-Link ready digital output which includes easy parameterisation, comprehensive diagnostic data such as histograms, temperature, switching and boot cycles, they also provide additional switching, or analogue voltage output.

To summarise, the introduction of the IF200 sensors brings outstanding measuring performance with resolution up to 3μm combined with the largest sensing distance of 10mm in the most flexible and compact package along with simple teaching via the qTeach feature.

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