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New IR Sensor Cards

Laser Components has added three new models to its portfolio of IR sensor cards:

  • LDT-007BN for low-power Nd:YAG lasers converts IR radiation of 700nm to 1,400nm into visible red light of 654nm.
  • LDT-1064CN, made of resistant ceramic, is suitable for high-power IR lasers (900-1,100nm) up to 200W/cm2. The active area of 60mm x 40mm can be used up to the edge.
  • LDT-1064N offers a particularly large active area of 50.8mm x 50.8mm which allows it to make the invisible radiation of IR lasers (800-1,700nm) with larger diameters visible as green light (530nm).

All screens are immediately ready for use and do not have to be activated. Laser Components can provide samples upon request for tests in practical applications. 

Sensor cards, also known as conversion sheets, convert invisible radiation into visible light when held directly into the laser beam. They are essential for the alignment and focusing of IR and UV lasers. Laser Components offers sensor cards for a large range of wavelengths and power levels.


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