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Pulsed laser at 532nm for LIBS, marking, lidar and photoacoustics

Hübner Photonics has announced the introduction of a new wavelength in the Cobolt Tor Series of a high-performance, compact, air-cooled, Q-switched lasers. The Cobolt Tor XE 532 nm delivers 0.25 mJ per pulse at up to 1 kHz repetition rate in a compact laser head which contains all drive electronics. The Cobolt Tor XE is intended for integration into instruments for marking, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), LIDAR as well as photoacoustic microscopy applications.                                                                        

Using the sophisticated laser cavity design characteristic to the Cobolt Tor Series, the Cobolt Tor XE 532 nm delivers a unique combination of compact size and performance: kHz repetition rates, short pulse lengths (1-3 ns) and excellent pulse-to-pulse stability (jitter < 2 us) for a passively Q-switched laser in a TEM00 beam. In addition, through advanced and fully integrated control electronics the emission can be triggered from single pulses up to 1 kHz pulse trains or bursts of pulses using external or internal trigger signals, or a combination of both.

The lasers are manufactured using proprietary HTCure technology in a compact and hermetically sealed package, which provides a very high level of immunity to varying environmental conditions and exceptional reliability. Lasers built using the HTCure technology have been shown to withstand multiple 60 G mechanical shocks in operation without any sign of degraded performance. They can be exposed to extreme temperatures (>100 °C) and are insensitive to pressure and humidity.



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