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RoboSense launches automotive-grade solid-state lidar perception fusion solution

RoboSense has released its first automotive-grade solid-state lidar perception fusion solution, the RS-Fusion-P6 (P6 for short), for level-4 autonomous driving. P6 is equipped with RoboSense’s RS-Lidar-M series solid-state lidar, point cloud perception software, and a variety of supporting integrated sensors, computing units and other hardware. 

The new solution offers a complete set of environmental perception functions, including road sign detection, dynamic and static obstacle detection, free space detection and multi-lidar sensor fusion. It comes with installation, deployment, calibration, and debugging service support to guarantee environmental perception in all scenarios in autonomous driving projects from start to finish.

P6 perfectly combines 2D MEMS chip scanning technology based automotive-grade lidar hardware with RoboSense’s AI-based point cloud perception software, delivering exceptional perception accuracy and a 360° horizontal smart perception range up to 200m. Even with water on the road after heavy rain, P6 can accurately identify pedestrians, vehicles, and obstacles in irregular shapes – tracking their speed, acceleration and location to facilitate autonomous decision-making.


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