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Single-mode VCSEL platform

Trumpf Photonic Components has released a product platform for its single-mode VCSEL products for industrial and professional applications. 

VCSELs for optical sensing in industrial applications or test and measurement equipment in laboratories must be efficient and highly accurate because of their role in quality management, being used in quality and safety monitoring systems. These needs are addressed with the new VCSEL platform. 

The next generation of single-mode VCSEL products offers lower power consumption, while maintaining high output performance. This results in the higher energy efficiency of the VCSEL product. The single-mode VCSEL comes with a Gaussian-shaped beam profile and stable, linear polarisation. The latter improves its illumination quality and resolution. 

Therefore, high-volume and highly integrated industrial applications are enabled with the new single-mode VCSEL, which is available in various wavelengths, going from 760nm to 855nm.

Thanks to the easy operation, temperature and wavelength stability, and its polarisation locking of the emitting light, the products are ideal for industrial sensing technologies like spectroscopy and time-of-flight. 

For easy product integration in industrial environments and for the smart integration of additional features, such as temperature control, the VCSELs are available in various packaging options, such as hermetically sealed TO packages with TEC and thermistor.




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