Ball-Screw Stage with Linear Encoder

Aerotech has introduced a Ball-Screw Stage with Linear Encoder, a compact, high-performance linear positioning stage featuring smooth travel combined with high accuracy, repeatability and positioning resolution capability to 25nm

MPS-SV series lift stages

Aerotech has launched the MPS-SV series lift stages, engineered for applications ranging from laboratory research to high-reliability production processes

Planar Integrated XY Linear Motor Stage

Aerotech's Planar-series stages offer geometric and dynamic performance in a compact, low-profile package that is available in nine different travel and performance configurations. This stage is intended for applications ranging from high-accuracy surface


Aerotech's new MPS75SL series miniature linear positioning stages are now available in four travel ranges from 25mm to 100mm

APR mechanical bearing series

Aerotech has launched its direct-drive rotary stage APR mechanical bearing series, which offers positional accuracy to 1.5 arc-sec and axial load capacity up to 450kg

MotionPAC motion controler

Aerotech has launched its new MotionPAC PC-based integrated motion and machine controller, combining an industry standard PLC engine with IEC61131-3 programming capabilities and Aerotech's sophisticated multi-axis motion engine

AirLift 115 vertical translation stage

Aerotech has introduced its AirLift 115 sub-micron resolution vertical translation stage, which it claims maintains an almost perfect straight line performance over a travel range up to 150mm at speeds to 50mm/s


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