Planar Integrated XY Linear Motor Stage

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Aerotech’s Planar-series stages offer geometric and dynamic performance in a compact, low-profile package that is available in nine different travel and performance configurations. This stage is intended for applications ranging from high-accuracy surface profilometry to high-speed semiconductor and LED wafer scribing.

Incorporating Aerotech’s own direct-drive motor technology and an integrated cable management system, the PlanarXY design allows for unparalleled planar geometric performance in applications where straightness and flatness of motion are critical. High-precision, anti-creep crossed-roller bearings, precision-machined surfaces and Aerotech linear motors driving through the axes’ centre-of-stiffness result in exceptional geometric tolerances.

Capable of achieving 1 m/s velocities and 1.5 g accelerations, the Planar enables high-throughput, high-accuracy processing resulting in superior process yield and a low total cost of ownership. The anti-creep crossed-roller bearings used in this design provide the smooth motion ideal for the most challenging scanning applications.Non-contact, direct-drive technology offers high-speed and accurate positioning coupled with maintenance-free operation and long service life.

The Planar-200XY and -300XY stages are both available with one or two motors per axis, allowing optimisation of each individual axis for the specific application and process parameters. Regardless of the number of motors selected, the resulting drive force acts through the centers of friction and stiffness resulting in superior geometric performance and accuracy.

The cable management system is integrated into the stage and optimised for long life and performance. Additional standard options are available for extra servo axes or air/vacuum lines for vacuum chucks or other process pneumatics.

It is available in three positioning performance options: -BASE, -PLUS and -ULTRA. High-performance -PLUS and -ULTRA options are available to ensure accuracies and straightness values down to ±400 nm and orthogonality down to 1 arc second.