MPS-SV series lift stages

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Aerotech has launched the MPS-SV series lift stages, engineered for applications ranging from laboratory research to high-reliability production processes. The multitude of adapter brackets and mounting compatibility inherent in all MPS stages permit easy assembly of multi-axis configurations using linear, rotary and lift MPS stages. 

MPS-SV stages use a precision-ground ball screw and preloaded crossed-roller bearings for accurate geometric performance, high accuracy and repeatability, and 0.05µm minimum incremental motion. The MPS50SV is also offered with a lead-screw for more cost-sensitive applications. 

MPS-SV motor options include a DC servomotor with rotary encoder and a stepper motor. A precision-machined wedge design and lateral constraint system result in high stiffness and load capacity, while at the same time providing constraint of lateral motions. 

The MPS-SV stages are available with vacuum preparation to 10-6 Torr that includes a vacuum-rated connector. An optional mounting plate provides direct mounting to both English and metric optical breadboards. The inherent mounting compatibility of all MPS stages allows for simple mounting in multi-axis arrangements.