AMS Technologies

BaySpec Nunavut NIR ramen spectrograph

Distributor AMS Technologies has announced that manufacturer BaySpec has introduced a new model in its line of high performance SuperGamut near-infrared spectral engines, the Nunavut long-wavelength NIR raman spectrograph

Fibre-coupled AOM for pulsed fibre lasers

Gooch and Housego has launched its fibre-coupled AOM (acousto-optics module) designed for use in pulsed fibre laser amplifier systems, achieving optimum performance in demanding applications such as material processing.

Fibre coupled isolator

Gooch and Housego has launched a high power, fibre-coupled isolator, which has been developed specifically for the pulsed fibre laser market.

Kult lasers

Keopsys has released its Kult series of eye-safe pulsed fibre laser sources.

EBS4000-0000 and EBS8000-0000 SLEDs

Exalos has released a user-friendly, turnkey device with a touch screen that enables the easy use of the SLED (Superluminescent Light Emitting Diode) technology for laboratory applications.

LDTC 2/2

Wavelength Electronics' new developed laser diode driver and temperature controller LDTC 2/2 is available from AMS Technologies throughout Europe.


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