BaySpec Nunavut NIR ramen spectrograph

Distributor AMS Technologies has announced that manufacturer BaySpec has introduced a new model in its line of high performance SuperGamut near-infrared (NIR) spectral engines, the Nunavut long-wavelength NIR raman spectrograph.

Designed to replace bulkier, slower FT-IR systems, the Nunavut features a dispersive f/2 design with no moving parts, in a compact package. The NunavutTM is ideal for measuring biological samples or tissue samples using wavelengths of approximately 1064nm, thereby avoiding high fluorescent background at 785nm. The device features spectral resolution of 8cm-1, spectral coverage up to 3300cm-1, and a signal to noise ratio of up to 8000:1.

The design is compact, lightweight and power effficent. Applications of the Nunavut long-wavelength NIR raman spectrograph exist in the pharmaceutical industry, in medical diagnostics, biomedical research, the food industry, water quality monitoring, chemistry, mining, counterfeit detection, law enforcement and homeland security.