AMS Technologies

Kult pulsed fibre lasers

AMS Technologies is distributing the Kult series of pulsed fibre lasers from Keopsys, which have been specifically developed for range finding and telemetry applications

Refractive index profilers for fibres

AMS Technologies is offering refractive index profilers for optical fibres manufactured by US-based developer Interfibre Analysis, capable of scanning the optical index of refraction of an optical fibre along its length

Vue-LV-30 laser diode controller

VueMetrix has released a laser diode controller, the Vue-LV-30, that achieves twice the current output (30A) of the existing all-digital LV-15, with no increase in size and no decrease in performance

Brightlock stack array

AMS Technologies has introduced the collimated 10kW CW wavelength-stabilised Brightlock stack array from Laser Operations, a manufacturer of the QPC lasers product line

Ultra-G green lasers

AMS Technologies has announced that it has become the European distributor of the Ultra-G range of green lasers, manufactured by Laser Operations as part of its QPC Lasers product family

Aspheric lenses

LightPath Technologies has introduced a line of moulded glass aspheric lenses designed specifically for the laser tool market

LOR-200 high resolution portable OTDR

Luciol Instruments has launched its first fully portable high resolution optical time-domain reflectometer, featuring scanning photon counting to achieve high resolution in a portable unit


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