Boston Micromachines

Biological imaging reaches new depths

Shaping light wavefronts is improving many areas of microscopy – and is enabling Nobel Prize winner Eric Betzig’s most important work yet, finds Andy Extance

Boston Micromachines

At booth 440 Boston Micromachines will be exhibiting its deformable mirrors and optical modulator products, including its new 648-5.5 deformable mirror which has 648 actuators, 5.5µm stroke and high speed wavefront control and correction capabilities

Reflective Optical Chopper

Boston Micromachines, a provider of MEMS-based deformable mirror products and adaptive optics systems, has introduced the Reflective Optical Chopper

Deformable mirrors

Boston Micromachines has announced it has reduced the price of its deformable mirrors to lower the barrier to entry of adaptive optics for researchers and educators


Boston Micromachines has manufactured an enhanced version of its Mini-DM. This new mirror is for human vision and microscopy researchers undertaking experiments that require wavefront correction.

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