Deposition Sciences

Narrow bandpass IR filters

Deposition Sciences has introduced a range of advanced infrared narrow bandpass filters for industrial, medical, and biological sciences instrumentation, suitable for gas detection and identification applications

IsoSphere AR ball lenses

Deposition Sciences has introduced a new range of durable, evenly-coated anti-reflection ball lenses in diameters from 200µm up to 10.0mm, created using the company’s IsoDyn LPCVD process

Infrared Reduction Filter

Deposition Sciences Inc. (DSI), a manufacturer of durable, thin film optical coatings, has released a line of thin film filters for imaging applications.


Deposition Sciences (DSI) has developed the new IsoDyn LPCVD (low pressure chemical vapour deposition) process for applying durable coatings onto complex shapes and multifaceted substrates.


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