Narrow bandpass IR filters

Deposition Sciences (DSI) has introduced a range of advanced infrared narrow bandpass (IR NBP) filters for industrial, medical, and biological sciences instrumentation. The improved narrow bandpass optical filters offer high spectral performance, with accurate centre wavelength placement and good temperature stability. The the infrared NBPs are suitable for spectroscopic applications such as advanced gas-sensing, where the filters’ IR spectral range enables the user to detect a particular gas and to identify the concentration levels of CO2, CH4, HOx, or other gasses.

Thin film optical coatings are widely used for non-diffractive infrared (NDIR) sensing systems and other measurement tasks. DSI’s NBP filters are calibrated for centre wavelength (CWL) placement to offset temperature shifts that are native to this spectroscopic measurement technique. They also feature reliable and repeatable transmittance characteristics which are essential for high performance in any gas-sensing application in the infrared.