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Deposition Sciences (DSI) has developed the new IsoDyn LPCVD (low pressure chemical vapour deposition) process for applying durable coatings onto complex shapes and multifaceted substrates. Ideal for coating almost all types of optical glass, including ball lenses, crystalline materials, ceramics and metals, the LPCVD process provides uniform coverage on most surfaces.

The process is a thermally driven, organo-metallic process that deposits multi-layers of silicon dioxide, tantalum oxide, and titanium dioxide. It is fully automated, and can provide complex filters with service temperatures as high as 700°C.

The multilayered coatings are resistant to thermal shock and can be deposited on optics as small as 0.3mm. Their wavelength specifications do not shift with temperature. All LPCVD IsoDyn coatings from DSI meet or surpass the rigid Mil-C-675 testing standards.