Edmund Optics

Techspec telecentric lenses

Edmund Optics has introduced its Techspec range of high resolution, highly telecentric lenses, for use with 5-megapixel sensors. The lenses provide up to 2/3-inch sensor coverage

F-Theta scanning lenses

Edmund Optics (EO) has expanded its line of F-Theta scanning lenses for laser material processing applications. Efficiency, system lifetime, and uniformity of materials processing have been improved

Infrared optical components

Edmund Optics has begun to offer standard, off-the-shelf infrared optical components specifically tailored for use in the defence industry, available manufactured in a range of substrates

Polishing Equipment

Edmund Optics has released aspheric polishing equipment for the biotech, defence and OEM markets with volume production of both stock and custom aspheres.

UV-to-Near-IR Spectrometer

Edmund Optics has launched a spectrometer with a wide dynamic range, superior quantum efficiency, and excellent signal-to-noise ratio. The instrument covers a spectral range from 190nm to 1,100nm.

Spectrum-stabilised, fibre-coupled laser systems

Edmund Optics has introduced three new spectrum-stabilised fibre-coupled laser systems, all designed as rugged sources for Raman spectroscopy. The lasers offer high powers of 450mW at three wavelengths of 785nm, 808nm and 976nm.

Illuminated Telecentric Lens Family

In-line Illumination Telecentric Lenses offer long working distances and a port for a fibre illuminator, providing tools for difficult machine vision challenges that require accurate measurements of objects at varying distances


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