Edmund Optics

Deformable mirrors

Edmund Optics (EO) has introduced its new range of high performance deformable mirrors. The mirrors are the easiest and most convenient tool to correct optical aberrations through wavefront manipulation and control.

Techspec ultra-thin N-BK7 windows

Edmund Optics has introduced its new Techspec ultra-thin N-BK7 windows, measuring 0.20mm in thickness, well-suited for a variety of applications in biotechnology, sensors, and R&D

Techspec near-UV achromatic lenses

Edmund Optics now distributes Techspec's line of near-UV achromatic lenses. These high performance lenses provide excellent transmission in the 345-700nm range, designed to minimise the spot size for polychromatic illumination


Edmund Optics has introduced S-mounts to its line of C- and T-mounts. These eight product lines include lens mounts, tubes, spacers and S-to-C adapters to accommodate a wide variety of end uses

Continuously-variable apodising filters

Edmund Optics has introduced a new line of continuously-variable apodising filters, which are used to eliminate undesirable intensity variations and create an even illumination profile in an optical system

Gradient Index Rod Lenses

Edmund Optics has introduced its new Gradient Index (GRIN) Rod Lenses. These lenses feature plane optical surfaces and achieve focus using a continuous change of the refractive index within the lens material

Dichroic laser beam combiners

Edmund Optics has introduced a range of Dichroic Laser Beam Combiners, designed to combine or separate multiple laser beams at a 45 degree angle of incidence

IR Neural Density Filters

Edmund Optics has introduced a range of IR Neural Density Filters, which exhibit excellent linearity and are spectrally flat over a wide wavelength range of 2µm to 14µm


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