id Quantique

ID Quantique

ID Quantique will be launching two new products at the show, its Time Controller and an extension to its ID280 series detection system

id120 single-photon detector

The id120 series consists of compact and affordable single-photon detector modules based on a reliable silicon avalanche photodiode, sensitive in the visible spectral range


ID Quantique is launching a new Time to Digital Converter (TDC) on the international market, the id800-TDC, which is an 8-channel TDC


ID Quantique has introduced its new time-to-digital converter, the id800-TDC. The id800-TDC is an eight-channel time-to-digital converter

Near-IR photon counter

ID Quantique has introduced its id210 advanced system for single photon detection at telecom wavelengths (1,310 and 1,550nm), offering detection probability up to 25 per cent at 1,550nm


id Quantique has announced a reduced noise level for its id201 single photon detection module at NIR wavelength

id201 photon counter

id Quantique has released a new firmware version v4.0 for the id201, offering new functionalities such as adjustable detection probability, adjustable dead time, and user-defined gate width

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