id210 near-infrared photon counter

ID Quantique has released its id210 advanced system for single photon detection at telecom wavelengths, i.e. 1,310nm and 1,550nm.

It provides excellent performance in high-speed gating at internal or external frequencies up to 100MHz. Photons can be detected with probability up to 25 per cent at 1,550nm, while maintaining the dark count rate at low levels. Timing resolution as low as 250ps can be achieved.

The id210 provides adjustable delays, adjustable gate duration from 1ns to 20ns and adjustable dead time up to 100us. For applications requiring asynchronous detection scheme, the id210 can operate in free-running mode with detection probability of 2.5 per cent up to 10 per cent.

A practical user interface is supplied, with all the user parameters intuitively adjusted with direct access buttons and the wheel on the id210 front panel. The device provides universal compatibility with external scientific equipments. Inputs and outputs are compatible with most electrical standards: NIM, LVTTL/LVCMOS, NECL, PECL3.3V and PECL5V.

The detector contains six high-frequency counters providing detection, clock, gate, aux1, aux2, and the aux1 and aux2 coincidence rates. Inputs aux1 and aux2 are linked to a two-channel event counter and a coincidence counter as an auxiliary independent block. Counting capability exceeds 300MHz.

Built around advanced embedded-PC and FPGA, the id210 allows remote control, connection of external monitor and keyboard, data save on internal hard drive, data export on USB key and setups saving.