JK Lasers


Industrial laser manufacturer JK Lasers has launched a new 3kW fibre laser, the JK3000L


Rugby based-JK Lasers has introduced its 1kW fibre laser, the JK1000FL, for industrial applications including cutting, welding and drilling applications

JK System 5000

JK Lasers has introduced the JK System 5000, a flexible workstation that can be integrated with lasers from both the JK Fiber and Nd:YAG ranges

JK500FL fibre laser

JK Lasers' new JK500FL fibre laser offers 500W of CW output with single mode beam quality and the company's patented back-reflection protection, suitable for metal cutting applications up to 3mm thickness

Mode converter fibre coupler

JK Lasers (part of the GSI group) has released its new mode converter fibre coupler (MCFC), developed to provide flexibility to users of the company's fibre laser products

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