Laser 2000

Iris AO deformable mirrors

Available from Laser 2000, Iris AO has released deformable mirrors ranging from 100 to 500 actuators with an inscribed aperture from 3.5mm to 7.7mm

A-LST-E series

The Laser 2000 A-LST-E series is the advanced T-LST series and it has the new advantage of an integrated rotation encoder

PC-Plug Sensor

Laser 2000 has introduced the PC-Plug Sensor, from LaserPoint, which enables a PC or laptop to be used in conjunction with a sensor to create a full laser power meter instrument

Solar Cell Scan

The Solar Cell Scan, from Gilden Photonics and available via distributor Laser 2000, allows researchers to measure quantum efficiency (QE) and incident photon to charge carrier efficiency (IPCE) for photon-to-charge converting equipment

Light engines

Laser 2000 has introduced a new line of 'light engines' designed to replace traditional light sources in optical instrumentation, in particular for bioanalytical applications, manufactured by Lumencor.

TA-7600 semiconductor tapered amplifier

Laser 2000 has introduced the TA-7600 semiconductor tapered amplifier manufactured by New Focus. The TA-7600 is capable of faithfully amplifying tunable single-frequency light from various sources

FISH filter

Laser 2000 has released the new Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) filter sets from Semrock. The FISH sets offer superb brightness, minimise crosstalk and are available in the full spectrum of colours.


Laser 2000 is providing the Slim product line manufactured by Oxxius. This is a single longitudinal mode family of continuous-wave DPSS lasers with very small footprints.


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