Optical technologies offer researchers a powerful new toolkit to explore the structure and function of the brain. (Image: Sergey Nivens/

Fibre guides optogenetics to brain breakthroughs

Advances in optical fibres and microscale LEDs are furthering neuroscientists’ understanding of the brain, Susan Curtis discovers

Claudia Jaffe PhD

Claudia Jaffe, PhD, is the Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Business Development at Lumencor. With more than 16 years of experience with Lumencor, Dr Jaffe has helped to define the company’s technology and secure many of its patents. 

Advancing Insights with the Power of Light

From solid-state, arc lamp replacements to bright, stable laser Light Engines to assay-specific Scanners, Lumencor does more than simple LEDs.Thriving on technical lighting challenges, we show what’s possible when light is used to its fullest potential.

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Spectral, spatial and temporal optimization of solid-state light engine output

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Specifications for illumination systems for biomedical imaging and industrial metrology generally converge on spectral, spatial and temporal light output characteristics. This article describes some of the ways in which solid-state light engines consisting of arrays of solid-state light sources, a mix of LEDs, light pipes and lasers, allow for the customisation of specifications to meet application-specific lighting requirements.

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Diamonds are forever

Tiny nanodiamonds are being used to dramatically optimise the calibration of optical microscopes, Matthew Dale finds


Brain storming

Keely Portway looks at how some of the latest research into neurophotonics will help in the fight against brain disorders


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