Ophir Photonics


Ophir Photonics has announced the FluxGage, a compact, all-in-one LED luminaire measurement system

StarBright Update

Ophir Photonics has updated its StarBright handheld laser monitor. The newest version of StarBright can be used to measure the instantaneous power of a laser pulse

RM9-PD Radiometer

Ophir Photonics has introduced the RM9-PD Radiometer, a sensor for measuring the power of very low level CW or quasi CW sources


Ophir Photonics has released StarViewer, an Android app that brings laser power/energy measurements to Android smartphones and tablets


Ophir Photonics Group has released the 3A-PF-12 thermal power/energy laser measurement sensor for short pulsed lasers

Line of High Power Fan Cooled Laser Sensors

Ophir Photonics, global leader in precision laser measurement equipment and a Newport Corporation company, today announced a new line of High Power Fan Cooled Laser Sensors: FL1100A-BB-65, FL600A-BB-65, and FL600A-LP1-65

120K-W Laser Power Meter

Ophir Photonics has announced the 120K-W Laser Power Meter, one of the only commercial sensor for measuring very high power 120kW lasers

Pyrocam IIIHR

Ophir Photonics has announced the newest member of the Pyrocam family of pyroelectric laser beam profiling cameras at Photonics West, the Pyrocam IIIHR


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