The LT665 USB 3.0 Large Array Beam Profiling Camera

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Ophir Photonics, global leader in precision laser measurement equipment and a Newport Corporation company, today announced the addition of a new high speed, high resolution, large array CCD camera to the BeamGage family of laser beam profiling systems.

The LT665 USB 3.0 Large Array Beam Profiling Camera is designed for applications where high speed, high sensitivity, and high resolution are critical, including ophthalmology, high-speed inspection, machine vision, and NIR applications. The camera features a fast USB 3.0 interface that delivers 6 megapixels (MP) at up to 27 frames per second (fps). The large, 1-inch format provides an active area with 4.5µm square pixels (2752 x 2192 array), far better resolution than competing CMOS cameras. The CCD array is built with lower noise electronics and a unique thermal management technology that delivers a more stable background; this results in more consistently accurate results.

The LT665 USB 3.0 Large Array Beam Profiling Camera works with BeamGage, state-of-the-art beam profiling software that performs extensive data acquisition and analysis of laser beams, such as beam size, shape, uniformity, divergence, mode content, and expected power distribution.

BeamGage includes all the algorithms and calculations needed to make accurate, ISO-approved laser beam measurements. It provides 2D and 3D viewing, advanced image processing features, NIST traceable power measurements, and multilingual support. The software is optimized for analyzing different beams or sources of light (e.g. LEDs, optic fibers, etc.), and for heavy computations, such as measuring multiple beam profiles, comparing key statistics, and real-time 3D viewing.

The LT665 USB 3.0 Large Array Beam Profiling Camera is a compact, lightweight, robust camera measuring 43 x 43 x 65mm. It easily integrates into tight spaces. The camera works in conjunction with BeamGage Professional or BeamGage Enterprise software. BeamGage Professional features a comprehensive set of beam analysis algorithms, BeamMaker® beam simulator, partitioning of the camera output for separate analysis of multiple laser beams from sources such as fiber, a .NET interface for full remote control when integrating beam analysis into an automated application, and camera sharing. BeamGage Enterprise adds support for high-speed, networked cameras, including GigE, Gigabit Ethernet.