Opto Diode

ODD-470W photodiode

Opto Diode has introduced the first in a series of three new selective wavelength photodiodes. The ODD-470W features a spectral bandwidth of 100nm, operating between 380nm and 540nm

ODA-6W-500M Photodetector-Preamplifier

Opto Diode has released a photodiode preamplifier combination device that features higher gain in lower light environments, called the NIR/Red Enhanced 6mm² ODA-6W-500M Photodetector-Preamplifier.

ODA-6W-100M Photodetector-Preamplifier

Opto Diode has released the NIR/Red Enhanced ODA-6W-100M Photodetector-Preamplifier. The device features lower noise than discrete detector preamp circuits due to Opto Diode’s shielded amplifier electronics


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