ODD-525W selective wavelength photodiode

Opto Diode Corporation, a global supplier of advanced performance photodiodes and highly reliable, visible and IR LEDs, has introduced the second in its series of new selective wavelength photodiodes. The ODD-525W, designed specifically for the automotive and colorimetry industries, has an active area of 0.62mm² and operates between 450nm and 570nm, with a peak sensitivity response at 525nm. The new selective wavelength photodetector has a spectral bandwidth of 70nm and features extremely low dark current with no optical filters.

Applications include auto light-dimming (both interior and exterior), fluorescence detection, colour sensors, and general daylight detection tasks. Hermetically sealed in a standard TO-46 can, the new selective wavelength device easily integrates into new and/or existing systems. Storage and operating temperatures range from -30°C to 85°C and lead soldering temperature is 260°C.