Picoquant (booth 4869; Bios booth 8409)

PicoQuant presents the updated Taiko PDL M1 laser driver. The driver's new Max Power Mode of operation allows running existing and new laser heads with increased power. Taiko's smart and flexible power control and monitoring enables outputting pulses with an almost perfectly constant and calibrated set of parameters (pulse energy and pulse shape) at any repetition rate. With the new Max Power Mode, the driver can operate each laser diode at the maximal pulse energy possible for any repetition rate setting.


Picoquant will present the latest additions to its photonics portfolio at booth 216, hall B2


PicoQuant will present its plug and play time-resolved spectrometer FluoTime 250 for the first time to the public

FluoTime 250

PicoQuant has unveiled the FluoTime 250, a compact, robust and fully-automated system that increases the ease of performing time-resolved luminescence spectroscopy studies

EasyTau 2

PicoQuant’s new EasyTau 2 software package combines fully automated fluorescence spectra measurement with powerful yet easy-to-use data analysis


PicoQuant will be showcasing its latest innovations in picosecond pulsed diode lasers for single photon counting, microscopy and spectroscopy applications at booths 306, 4853 and 4859. The highlights at the exhibition will include the high power pulsed laser VisIR/VisUV platform with the new wavelengths 266, 280, 295, 532, 560 and 590nm, as well as PicoQuant’s new quantum correlation analysis software QuCoa.


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