GNU Linux programming library

A new programmer's library under the GNU Linux operating system is now available to support the PicoHarp 300 time-correlated single photon counting system from PicoQuant.

PHR 800

PicoQuant is now offering a new routing device – the PHR 800 – for up to four detectors in the PicoHarp 300 TCSPC photon counting module.

PicoHarp 300 software

An update of the data acquisition software for the PicoHarp 300 Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting system from PicoQuant is now available, with several new features in the user interface.

PDl 808 Sepia II; Picoharp 300; PicoTa

PicoQuant has introduced its latest product developments: the diode laser PDL 808 Sepia II; the PicoHarp 300, a high-end TCSPC Module; and the PicoTA, an amplified pulsed diode laser system.


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