Software version 3.0 for NanoHarp 250

PicoQuant has released new software for its NanoHarp 250 data acquisition board for multichannel scaling/photon counting. The NanoHarp 250 is a short PCI slot card with integrated input discriminators

LDH-P-FA-530 green diode laser

PicoQuant has released the LDH-P-FA-530, its new 531nm (green) picosecond pulsed diode laser head. The green diode laser is based on a master-oscillator fibre-amplifier (MOFA) concept with frequency conversion

HydraHarp 400

PicoQuant has introduced an extended version of HydraHarp 400, its multichannel picosecond event timer and time-correlated single photon counting system that can now accomodate up to eight independent input channels

HydraHarp 400

PicoQuant has released the HydraHarp 400 Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting system under the GNU Linux operating system.

Picosecond pulsed diode laser at 485nm

PicoQuant has released its 485nm picosecond pulsed diode laser head. The availability of this new wavelength opens the door for entirely new applications in bioanalytics, biochemistry, genetics, semiconductor characterisation and quality control.

HydraHarp 400

PicoQuant has launched a multichannel Picosecond Event Timer and Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting system (TCSPC) with USB interface.


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