Negative Group Delay Dispersion mirrors

Research Electro-Optics (REO) has introduced a series of negative Group Delay Dispersion (GDD) mirrors for use with industrial ultrafast lasers with an output in the visible or near infrared

594nm helium neon

Manufacturer of high volume precision optical and laser solutions Reo has released a 594nm (yellow) helium neon (HeNe) laser suitable for cost-sensitive bioinstrumentation and fluorescence excitation applications

Mid-infrared optics

High volume precision optical manufacturer Reo has introduced a new range of mid-infrared optics that provide a higher laser damage threshold, a better spectral performance, improved environmental stability and greater mechanical durability

Diamond turned aspheric mirrors

REO, a manufacturer of high volume precision optical solutions, now offers a range of diamond turned, aspheric mirrors, including off-axis parabolas, fabricated from either aluminium or copper substrates

Copper high reflectors

Precision optical solutions manufacturer Reo now offers a range of copper high reflectors ideal for beam delivery and beam shaping tasks involving high power CO2 lasers


Reo is now offering a comprehensive family of matched Risley (wedge) prism pairs for laser beam steering in a wide variety of military, industrial and instrumentation applications

Custom prism assemblies

Custom prism assemblies from REO, a leading manufacturer of high-volume precision optical solutions, enable construction of compact beam multiplexing systems for applications in aerospace, defence, bioinstrumentation, analytical instruments and telecoms


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