Superpolished laser mirrors

REO has introduced a new line of superpolished laser mirrors, offering substantially lower loss than previously available, suitable for the most demanding applications

Graded reflectivity mirrors

REO has introduced a new series of graded reflectivity mirrors, enabling precise spatial shaping of both the intensity and phase characteristics of laser beams

Reflectors for multispectral systems

REO, a manufacturer of precision optical solutions, now offers a wide range of high reflectors for pulsed, solid state lasers operating at 1,064nm, 532nm and 355nm, as well as for use with multi-spectral laser systems

Cube beamsplitters

REO now offers a range of cube beamsplitters that deliver a combination of high optical performance, high laser damage resistance, and outstanding environmental stability and durability

Aspheric lenses

Precision optical manufacturer REO has introduced a new range of high performance aspheric lenses fabricated from CaF2, ZnSe and ZnS substrates


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