Cube beamsplitters

REO, a manufacturer of high volume precision optical solutions, now offers a range of cube beamsplitters that deliver a combination of high optical performance, high laser damage resistance, and outstanding environmental stability and durability. In terms of optical specifications, these beamsplitters deliver a transmitted extinction ratio as high as 10:000:1, while maintaining a transmitted wavefront distortion as low as λ/20 (at 633nm).

These cubes are assembled using REO's Activated Covalent Bonding (ACB) technology, rather than through adhesive bonding or optical contacting. The elimination of any organics or glues from the beam path yields very high laser damage threshold and avoids internal optical absorption. Furthermore, the ACB technique produces a much stronger bond than any adhesive, and even optical contacting. This results in exceptional environmental stability, allowing operation over an extremely wide temperature and humidity range, without any shift in spectral response. It also makes these cubes mechanically durable, and insensitive to shock, vibration and high g forces. The result is optics suitable for use anywhere from cryogenic environments to industrial, military, and spaceborne applications.

These cubes are typically available anywhere in the 1mm to 125mm size range, and are fabricated from either fused silica substrates, for operation in the 266nm to 2µm spectral band, or from silicon, for use at wavelengths from 2µm to 5µm. A scalable manufacturing process makes them cost competitive, particularly in high production volumes.