Reflectors for multispectral systems

REO, a manufacturer of precision optical solutions, now offers a wide range of high reflectors for pulsed, solid state lasers operating at 1,064nm, 532nm and 355nm, as well as for use with multi-spectral laser systems. These mirrors provide a combination of high damage threshold, ultra-low scatter, excellent wavefront performance, exceptional environmental stability and rugged mechanical durability. This makes them suitable for demanding applications such as military targeting and range-finding, industrial materials processing systems, intracavity laser use and high energy research lasers.

These superior characteristics are achieved through the use of ion beam sputtering (IBS) technology to produce fully densified coatings that are resistant to environmental contaminants, the employment of fabrication techniques that minimise sub-surface damage, and rigorous control of contamination at all steps throughout the production process. Furthermore, REO maintains extensive in-house metrology capabilities enabling us to thoroughly characterise and understand all the phases of our manufacturing; these include laser damage testing in compliance with ISO 11254, instrumentation for producing quantitative maps of defect sites, and equipment for measuring absorption and scatter loss at numerous laser wavelengths. As a result of all this, REO can routinely deliver mirrors with laser damage threshold levels exceeding 20J/cm2 for 3ns pulses at 1064nm, and 40 J/cm2 for 20ns pulses at 1064nm.

REO fabricates and coats these mirrors on a custom basis with typical specifications of 99.99 per cent reflectivity, λ/20 flatness (at 633nm), 10-5 surface quality, and scatter loss of 1 part per million. A wide range of sizes and shapes can be delivered, typically over the 0.25" to 10" diameter range, from virtually any substrate material, including fused silica, optical glasses, Zerodur and Pyrex.