Resolve Optics

Resolve announces specialist optics for nuclear systems integrators

Drawing upon more than 25-year’s experience in the nuclear industry – Resolve Optics can quickly adapt existing designs to produce optimised non-browning fixed focus and zoom lenses for Nuclear Systems Integrators supplying monitoring systems to operate in medium and high radiation environments

Model 357 Non Browning HD Zoom Lens

Resolve Optics’ new Model 357 Non Browning HD Zoom Lens for 1/3-inch sensors provides users operating in radioactive environments true high definition quality images over a 10x zoom range

Radiation resistant lens

Resolve Optics, a supplier of radiotherapy equipment, has developed a 24mm diameter fixed focus non-browning lens to a market leader in radiotherapy equipment

Model 320 IR lens

Resolve Optics has introduced the Model 320 fixed focus IR lens, which is offered in a choice of 40, 80 or 120mm focal lengths

Model 228

Designed for forensic investigation, Resolve Optics’ Model 228 is a ultraviolet lens

Model 228 lens

Resolve Optics' Model 228 lens provides high performance in both the ultraviolet and visible wavebands, enabling forensic scientists to identify and focus on a target

f2 lens

Resolve Optics has introduced a new 15mm focal length lens expanding its range of fixed focus radiation tolerant lenses


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