Spectraval 1511

SphereOptics presents the new Spectraval 1511 from JETI, a very compact spectroradiometer for the visible wavelength range from 380nm to 780nm

FTIR 4300

SphereOptics has introduced its latest generation of portable Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometers from Agilent Technologies, the handheld FTIR 4300

I- and Y-Series ProMetric

SphereOptics introduced a new multi-exposure feature (also known as HDR or High Dynamic Range mode) for their I- and Y-Series ProMetric imaging photometers made by Radiant Vision Systems

QualitySpec TREK

SphereOptics presents the new standard of a versatile full-range spectrometers manufactured by ASDI, a PANalytical Company (ASD)

Handheld FTIR 4300

SphereOptics has presented the latest generation of thermal infrared reflectance field spectrometers from Agilent Technologies: the Handheld FTIR 4300

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