QualitySpec TREK

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SphereOptics presents the new standard of a versatile full-range spectrometers manufactured by ASDI, a PANalytical Company (ASD). The new handheld devices allow you to track spectral signatures for the VIS/NIR from 350 nm to 2500 nm wavelength.

Since 1990, ASD provides high precision spectrometers for the laboratory and field usage. Those can by characterized by their high end accuracy and ruggedness, as well as their outstanding reliability. Since its foundation, ASD is the standard for near infrared spectroscopy and a competent partner for researches and R&D facilities in the industry.

With the release of the new model QualitySpec TREK, which is lightweight (below 3 kg), easy to use (stand alone operable) and has an ergonomic design (handheld), ASD wants to open up new applications. In addition to the academic researches, also areas like quality control, material analysis, surface inspection and classification should benefit from the expertise of ASD and its partners.

The new QualitySpec TREK is a combination of all named advantages and can be customized to solve the requirements of our customers. For all further questions, please contact our competent experts.