Handheld FTIR 4300

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SphereOptics has presented the latest generation of thermal infrared reflectance field spectrometers from Agilent Technologies: the Handheld FTIR 4300 (Spectral range: Wavelength 2500-15000nm / Wavenumber 4000 - 650cm-1).

The thermal infrared reflectance spectroscopy enjoys growing interest in many research and industrial areas. In these areas the most widely used measurement technique is called the FTIR or Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy. This technique is well established in the laboratory spectroscopy but less widespread in the field or out-of-the lab applications.

Agilent has significantly changed this situation and developed a hand-held device, the Agilent 4300 FTIR hand-held thermal reflectance spectrometer to put the capabilities of a laboratory FTIR spectrometer into a portable device to measure in-situ samples and objects in real-time.

The Agilent FTIR 4300 is a durable field tool for industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Coating, Energy, Metal, Mining, Food, as well as material tracking, ground-truthing campaigns and spectral library building in research.