SPI Lasers

20W ST pulsed fibre laser

SPI Lasers has launched its 20W ST (Superior Temperature) pulsed fibre laser, which has an extended temperature range and is capable of operating at full power in all ambient environments up to 45°C (HS model 35°C) making it ideal for hot climates

30W Pulsed Laser

SPI Lasers has released its 30W Pulsed Laser, which extends the output power of the existing pulsed product range.

30W pulsed fibre laser

SPI Lasers has released a 30W fibre laser, which is aimed at faster and higher quality marking, engraving and ablation applications.

10 & 20W G3

SPI Lasers has released the 10 & 20W RM (restricted modulation) G3 pulsed laser modules for marking applications, providing a value-engineered solution that is ideally suited to high volume, single application operations.


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